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© Acordes transcritos por: Elena Ladova // la especialista (
± PPS (tempo): ♩ = 146 pulsaciones por minuto

Lyrics by Anouk Teeuwe and Music by Tore Johansson, Martin Gjerstad
Holanda / Eurovisión 2013

Cm       C#
Isolated from the outside
Bbm               F#
Clouds have taken all the light.
Cm           C#
I have no control,
It seems my thoughts wonder
F#         Cm
All of the time,
When I try to
Bbm         F#      Eadd9
Live life without you.

     B                      Em  A
     Birds falling down the rooftops
     B                   Em  A
     Out of the sky like raindrops.
     B  D#m5-/A
     No air,
     Em/G A    G
     No pride.

   Cm      Cm/D#   C#
If being myself is what I do wrong
     Bbm            F#
Than I would rather not be right.
Cm           Cm/D#  C#
Hopes turned into fear,
And with my one wing
  F#             Cm
I can’t fly with sunrise,
  C#maj    Bbm
Embrace my dreams tight
    F#       Eadd9
And that’s why.

     Birds falling down the rooftops
     Out of the sky like raindrops.
     No air,
     Em/G A
     No pride,

   To a place without fear,
           Dmsus2 Dm
   With no moonlight.
   (To a place without moonlight
   And fear.)
   All I need are trees and flowers
            Dmsus2 Dm
   And some sunlight.
   (All I need is trees, some flowers
   And sunlight.)
   Where memories are being made
                 Fm75-   B
   And where the old one dies,
              E/G#  G#  G#7
   Where love ain’t lost.

     C#                     F#m B
     Birds falling down the rooftops
     C#                  F#m B
     Out of the sky like raindrops.
     C#                     F#m B
     Birds falling down the rooftops
     C#                  F#m B
     Out of the sky like raindrops.
     C# Fm5-/B
     No air,
     F#m/A B
     No pride,
     A          G#m         C#
     That’s why birds don’t fly.

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Eadd9 para guitarra
B para guitarra
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A para guitarra
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Fm75- para guitarra
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G# para guitarra
G#7 para guitarra
F#m para guitarra
Fm5- para guitarra
F#m/A para guitarra
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