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Peter Nalitch

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© Acordes transcritos por: Antón Gavzov // el jefe del proyecto (
± PPS (tempo): ♩ = 135 pulsaciones por minuto

Música de Peter Nalitch / Letra de Peter Nalitch y Stanislav Mikhailov

Em            Am   B7
Why would you ever fear,
Em         Am   B7
If I would far away?
Em        Am         B7
What ever cause your tears,
         Em Am        B7
Oh, I'll be around to say

                   C            G
     Why don't you smile when I smile?
                   Am          Em    B7
     Why don't you sing when I sing?
     Oh, my lady...
  C                  G
     For another day comes,
             Am            F#     B7
     Another thing it will bring.

Now it is... Is it clear?
That our love is gone.
What ever... I'll, I'll be near
        Em Am        B7
Or I'll be around to show.

Chorus 2 times

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