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© Acordes transcritos por: Antón Gavzov // el jefe del proyecto (
± PPS (tempo): ♩ = 60 pulsaciones por minuto

Lyrics and Music by Don Henley, Glenn Frey

Intro: G G7 | C Cm6
       G Em | A7 D

     G     G7
              C              Cm6
Why don’t you come to your senses?
            G            Em7
You’ve been out riding fences
    A7        D7
For so long now.
             G         Gsus4add9
Oh, you’re a hard one,
            C                     Cm6
I know that you got your reasons,
      G           B     Em7
These things that are pleasing you
    A7       D7       G D   
Can hurt you somehow.

   Don’t you draw
   The queen of diamonds, boy,
          C                   G  Gmaj
   She’ll beat you if she’s able
   You know the queen of hearts
      C                 G
   Is always your best bet.
 D        Em                Bm7
   Now it seems to me some fine things
             C              G
   Have been laid upon your table,
           Em             A7
   But you only want the ones
   That you can’t get.

D D7 G     Dm7  
          C                       Bm Am
Oh, you ain’t getting no younger,
     G        D     Em
Your pain and your hunger,
        A7           D7
They’re driving you home.
    G            Dm7  
And freedom, oh, freedom,
Well, that’s just
C                    Bm
Some people talking,
Am   G      B7    Em
Your prison is walking
             A7        D7 G   D   
Through this world all alone.

   Don’t your feet get cold
   In the wintertime?
   The sky won’t snow
           G         D   
   And the sun won’t shine,
        Em                 C
   It’s hard to tell the nighttime
            G   D   
   From the day
          Em               Bm7
   You’re losing all your highs and lows.
            C              G
   Ain’t it funny how the feeling goes

D D7 G     Dm7
              C              Cm6
Why don’t you come to your senses?
     G         D      Em    A7
Come down from your fences,
Open the gate.
          G        Dm7
It may be raining,
              C               Cm6
But there’s a rainbow above you.
           G       B7     Em
You better let somebody love you
 C       G      Am
(Let somebody love you),
           G       B7    Em
You better let somebody love you
  Am7            G
Before it’s too late.

Instrumental: G G7 | C Cm6 | G

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